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The Perfect Ball Gown ~ Cinderella Corset ~ Step 1

As in all stories, there’s a beginning… and this is the very beginning of my Perfect Ball Gown.  Let’s start with the corset!  The corset is the fundamental part of this iconic dress.  And it’s the first step in making my  “perfect” Cinderella dress.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Ella….

From the moment the 2015 Cinderella premiered, fans and critics brought attention to the skinny waist of Lily James, with many believing it was CGI.  But we now know it wasn’t CGI, it was a corset.  Though natural, Lily James’ waist was tightly restricted and squeezed down to its very small size!  The buzz was that her waist measured 22″ but some stated it was 17″!  I’ll let you decide!

Doesn’t this capture the sheer beauty of this dress? As in all stories, there’s a beginning… and seeing this film was the beginning of my quest to make The Perfect Ball Gown!  

This is one of the photos I have of the corset used on set.  If you’d like to see more photos click here.


This is the corset I’ll be wearing under the ball gown.  My waist will measure 22″ – thanks to the corset!  I used a Simplicity pattern for historic costuming and adjusted it a lot to allow for the low back and shape of the dress.  (Corset construction pics below.)

Corset 4Corset 2

Corset Construction ~
I began with a draft corset made of muslin.  I’ll adjust this pattern until I get a perfectly fit corset.
Once I have the corset pattern adjusted perfectly, I then cut it out of the final fabric. I get my fabric from
All pinned in place & ready to sew!
The variety of boning lengths used in this corset.  After cutting, they’re dipped in Plasti Dip to keep the ends from damaging the fabric.  I use boning found at
Once I’ve inserted the boning into the corset, I add the grommets.
The last step! Binding the raw edges with bias tape.

The Finished Corset!

Corset 6Corset 7.jpgCorset 3

Feel free to comment or ask any questions!
Thanks for looking and learning with me! ~ Bella Mae

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Ball Gown ~ Cinderella Corset ~ Step 1

  1. I found your blog through your Etsy shop as I was looking for the perfect person to make a Cinderella dress, and I think you’re that person! I’m hoping my wedding dress will be based (not too far, I promise) on her dress, would you be interested in helping me someday with that? I appreciate anyone who knows where all good dresses start: the underpinnings!


      1. Probably safer to say far at this point, ha ha, at least a year or two at this point, but I really am serious! I’m a planner, ha ha.

        I look forward to following your work and working with you someday!


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