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“How to Wear Your Cinderella Dress” – Video

Ever since I shipped out my first Cinderella dress, I’ve been wanting to create a video on how to put on this magnificent creation.  Unfortunately, I could never find the time….that is, until now!

Introducing my last 3 nights of work….”How to Wear Your Cinderella Dress.”

IMG_2788 copy


6 thoughts on ““How to Wear Your Cinderella Dress” – Video

  1. The techniques are so helpful for those unfortunate to be uninitiated into the sisterhood of beautiful gowns. I am fortunate to have several dresses of this style that have been made for me to wear at my piano recitals and performances.

    How do you handle the thrill? How do you keep from constantly swirling those exquisite tulle crinolines? Do you tingle inside as you curtsy? Do you find yourself looking for any excuse to don it?

    Do you seek the special excitement of going out in a natural setting, like a trail in the forest fantasizing that you are princess trying to escape the evil queen? So exhilarating!


  2. huge fan of the blog 🙂
    you posted a few posts about making the “perfect cinderells gown” a remake with improvments to the one you did in 2015, are you still in on that? you havent posted anything about it for a long time…


    1. Thanks!
      Yes, I finished that upgraded Cinderella Dress. Unfortunately, I was unable to get photos of it before I shipped it out. I asked the customer for photos and she said she’d send some… but never did!
      I’ll be making another upgraded Cinderella dress this September and I WILL get photos of this one!


  3. Hi! me again ;D
    I was wondering if you know more or less the diameter of the dress(with the crinoline cage)

    I started making my own replica for cosplay, and your dress seems like the most accurte to the movie in terms of size, and probably everything else… wish you wouldn’t have been booked for the whole year!


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