Alice’s Blue Dress


Bella Mae’s remake of Alice’s blue dress (aka the Down the Hole dress) from the 2010 “Alice in Wonderland”.

With pin-tucked sleeves, detailed embroidery, replica buttons, and a striped petticoat, this replica includes all the details of the original. You’ll look like you just stepped out of Wonderland!


Bella Mae’s remake of Alice’s blue dress (aka the Down the Hole dress) from the 2010 “Alice in Wonderland”.

“You’d have to be half mad to dream up me.” ~ Mad Hatter

Well, you don’t have to be mad to dream up this dress, it’s real, right before you’re eyes!

From the pin tucked sleeves, to embroidery detail, to replica buttons, this dress is the ultimate Alice in Wonderland costume!

~ The Details ~

The Bodice

  • The bodice show cases many details copied from the original dress. The edges of the solid layer of the bodice has a cluny lace (100% cotton) edging.  As does the sheer layer of the bodice, but with an 1/8″ satin lacing woven through the lace.
  • On the outer edge of the bodice’s neckline, there are several (to be exact, 38) lace flowers hand stitched to English netting. This netting is then attached to the solid edge of the bodice. Running through those lace flowers is a navy blue 1/8″ satin ribbon.
  • The bodice closure is placed on the front of the bodice and uses 14 hooks and eyes.  Placed on top of the closure are 14 buttons.  These buttons are real shell buttons and have an etched floral design featuring 2 white flowers (exact replicas of the ones on the original costume!)
  • The sleeves are silk organza with an under layer of Point d’Esprit netting (also known as swiss dot netting). The silk organza has 3 pin tucks running along the edge of the sleeve. The sleeve is gathered at the edge with cord elastic.  Along the top of the shoulder, the sleeve features loose smocking.

The Skirt

  • The sheer outer layer of the skirt is 2 tiered, with the top tier being box pleated at the waist. The bottom tier is gathered and attached to the top tier.
  • Along the bottom of the sheer overlay lies 7 repeats of embroidery detail. Each repeat has a deer, squirrel, bunny, birds, and 4 flowers.  This embroidery began as a tracing of the embroidery featured on the original dress.  This tracing was then transformed into an embroidery pattern!
  • The under layer of the skirt is blue taffeta in a circle skirt design. For an added flare to the skirt, a  third layer was added. This layer is also blue taffeta in a circle skirt design but has a 8″ ruffle along the edge to give maximum width to the skirt.
  • To top this all off, there’s a lovely striped petticoat! The striped fabric is 100% silk taffeta in a 1/4″ striped pattern.  The petticoat is three layered with the outer layer being striped silk fabric, the second and third being satin lining.  All three skirts are gored skirts with 8″ ruffles along the edges. These ruffles are all striped silk fabric and also feature a 1.5″ bias cut binding along the edges.  This bias binding adds the perfect “mad” touch to the costume!

This dress can be worn with a bridal coset, a drawstring corset, or a strapless bra.  One of the corset options is recommend.

Replica gloves are available here.

This costume is custom made, so please contact Bella Mae before purchasing.

Thank you for looking and if you have any questions, be sure to send them our way!


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