Belle’s Ballgown


Bella Mae’s replica of Belle’s ballgown from the 2017 “Beauty and the Beast”.

With 67 yards of silk fabric, genuine gold leaf embellishment, and layers of circle skirts, this dress is sure to be a highlight of any event!


When creating this dress, Bella Mae spends hours upon hours adding details that make this dress so much more than just a replica.  Made with silk fabric and genuine gold leaf, this dress is absolute luxury!

~ The Details ~

The Bodice

  • The bodice is fully lined and partially boned.  The base of the bodice is a thick satin fabric. (Bella Mae recommends that a bridal corset be worn with the gown.)
  • 21 yards of bias cut silk strips, embellished with genuine gold leaf, and 21 yards of glittered netting are layered together on the bodice to give a delicate, feather like appearance.  All the strips are individually sewn to the bridal satin bodice.  Some of the stripes of silk and netting continue off the bodice and drape over the back of the skirt.
  • A hook-and-eye closure secures the bodice at the back.

The Skirt

  • At the base of the flowing skirt is a lobster tail bustle.  This is made of bridal satin with boning, with a frill of silk organza to blend it’s appearance into the petticoat.
  • On top of the bustle, lies 8 layers of circle cut silk organza.  There’s a total of 52 yards of silk organza in this petticoat. The effect of all the silk is a lovely flowing petticoat!
  • The outer most part of the skirt is made of 15 yards of satin-faced silk organza. It’s a three tiered skirt with an additional large pleated ruffle at the back. Genuine gold leaf and glitter is intricately applied to all three tiers of the skirt (plus the black ruffle) in a detailed design that replicates the original dress.

For a video of this dress, visit:

This costume is custom made, so please contact Bella Mae before purchasing.

Thank you for looking and if you have any questions, be sure to send them our way!


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