Ella’s Ballgown


Bella Mae’s original replica of Ella’s Ballgown. This is a replica of the ballgown in the 2015 “Cinderella”.

This is the regular version, made of tulle, organza, and a layer of silk organza.



This is my regular replica of Ella’s lovely ball gown from Disney’s Cinderella (2015).

My goal in making this dress is to offer you a ballgown that looks and makes you feel like Cinderella with Prince Kit by your side.

~ The Details ~

The Bodice

  • The bodice is fully lined and partially boned (this stabilizes the bodice and keeps it from wrinkling). Even though it is boned, this dress is made to wear with a bridal corset.  The fabric used is a combination of silk organza, tulle, and barbie organza. The barbie organza is an iridescent fabric that gives glimmer to the bodice.
  • The bertha (the puffy edge) has a layer of silk organza and a layer of pink tulle. 28 butterflies are attached to the bertha (the colors are mainly blue, but with the addition of some yellow, gold and teal).

The Skirt

  • The skirt is to be worn with a hoop skirt.  This listing does not include one.
  • On top of the hoop (purchased separately), lies the majority of the skirt. This is the petticoat!  Made up of yards of fabric, the petticoat has several layers.  Each layer to the petticoat has a vast amount of gathered frills attached. All these frills are varying colors to create a beautiful watercolor effect!  This frilly petticoat is sure to bring a delightful and stunning appearance!
  • Next comes the many layered skirt!  Giving even more of a glittering appearance, the skirt is made of 8 layers of sheer fabric!  Various colors make up this glimmering skirt; Lilac, Green, Lavender, Silver, & Light Blue. The fabric of these layers are mainly soft bridal tulle. There’s also an iridescent organza layer. This is the shimmering layer you catch a glimpse of when Ella dances, but also is a source of glimmer in the skirt!
  • The outermost layer is the blue silk organza with crystal gems! There are thousands upon thousands of hand-attached crystal gems on this silk organza layer.

This costume is custom made, so please contact Bella Mae before purchasing.

Thank you for looking and if you have any questions, be sure to send them our way!


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