My daughter fell in love with the movie The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe film and was determined to be Susan for Halloween. We searched high and low for a costume and could not find anything ready made. I came across Isabella’s site on Etsy and, after showing my daughter the dress, we placed our order. We were very close to Halloween by that point and while sewing, Isabella assured me that she would have it ready on time. Isabella checked and double checked my daughter’s measurements to be sure that the dress would fit.

It arrived as promised – wrapped in brown paper packaging and twine from Cair Paravel and decorated with exotic Narnian stamps. The look on my daughter’s face was priceless. The dress was exquisitely detailed and beautiful and fit perfectly. The greatest testament to the quality of the dress is that it withstood a full day of Halloween’s activities – a 2 mile walk in a Halloween parade and a full night of trick or treating. Not a seam was torn, not a stitch came undone. This dress will be handed down to my daughter’s children – it is that beautiful and that well made. My experience with Isabella was one of a kind and I would recommend her and use her again for any custom clothing. Her craftsmanship is truly extraordinary!