The Circle Hem: 6 Hemming Techniques – eBook



Learn 6 ways to hem circle skirts — 58 pages filled with valuable information and steps for hemming circle-cut skirts.

Over the years, I somehow chose to create skirts that had not only one circle skirt, but tended to have several layers of circle-cut skirts. Being a perfectionist, I wanted to make those circle hems, um….well….perfect!

I googled ever so many times in hopes of finding the “perfect” way to hem these skirts, only to find this topic lacking.

So I finally resolved to create my own methods!

In the pages of this eBook, you’ll find several techniques that achieve perfectly hemmed circle skirts.  One things is certain, I’ve had success using each of them to hem hundreds of feet of circle cut skirts.

Watch one of the techniques being used in this video.

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  • 58 Pages
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