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“Sewing with the courage to learn and a dash of perfectionism since 2013”

Make your own Cinderella’s Day Dress!

These PDFs were created with a stunning replica in mind!  From the dress, to petticoats, to a PNGs of the flower design, use these files to create your own special Cinderella dress!

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Tackle those frustrating hems!

Circles hems can cause headaches and make you wonder why you ever chose to make one… Learn 6 ways to hem circle skirts of all different fabric types!

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I’m a passionate seamstress, dedicated to creating intricately designed costumes and historical clothing.

With more than a touch of perfectionism in my personality, each project is extensively researched and  accomplished with precision.

As well as creating high-quality costumes for customers around the world, I have shared my love of details with anyone willing to read my blog. And now, I’m sharing my sewing journey on YouTube!

My journey continues as both a seamstress and someone willing to share successes and failures!

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