Self-Fabric Lacing – Tutorial: The Easy Way
Self-Fabric Lacing – Tutorial: The Easy Way

Self-Fabric Lacing – Tutorial: The Easy Way

Lacing Tutorial - PinterestSometimes you just need that perfect touch of matching lacing!

Personally, a laced up bodice isn’t my favorite.  I definitely prefer a smooth hidden closure.  But, if you’ve been asked to make one; your wish is my command! Blue Sleeping Beauty - Finished-48In order to achieve matching lacing, you’ll need to use the same fabric as what your matching it to…which means you have to make it!Blue Sleeping Beauty - Finished-53

Here goes a short and sweet tutorial!

First, you’ll need a bias cut strip.  I cut mine about 1 inch wide.

Grab a long piece of cording and an invisible zipper foot.

Go to your sewing machine and sandwich your cording inside the bias strip (right side together.)Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-98Get the cording to run through one of the groves of the foot and place your needle to sew about 3/16 away from the folded edge (which contains the cording).Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-99You’re creating a pocket which has the cording in it.Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-100Once you’ve sewn down the whole length of you lacing, secure the cording to the end of your fabric. There’s going to be a whole lot of stress on this area, so be sure to have secure stitches.
Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-101Now, trim the raw edge of the fabric down to about an 1/8 inch.Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-102Here comes the tricky part! In order to turn the lacing inside out, you’ve got to scrunch the fabric over the end. You’ll find that it just really doesn’t want to go, but just keep working it until it finally gets over it!Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-103Once that task is complete, you just keep scrunching and pulling the fabric.  This is where the cording comes in handy! By pulling the cording out of the “pocket”, you’re also pulling the end of the lacing out of the pocket. This means you’re turning the pocket inside out, which will expose the right side!Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-104Just keep on pulling! Eventually, you’ll see the end pop out and will show the results of your effort; a smooth lacing!Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-105Once you’ve got it all turned right side out, you can snip off the cording. It’s served it’s purpose.Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-106*Extra Technique Tip* – If you want a lacing which has cording inside (corded lacing), make you’re cording twice as long as the desired lacing length and start sewing the fabric on at the mid point of the lacing. When you secure the end and turn the fabric right side out, you’ll be turning the lacing onto the other half of the lacing, thus encasing this second have of cording.Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-107And there you have it!
Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-108Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-109Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-110Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-111Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-112Oops, spoke too soon! You’ve still got a little hand sewing to do.Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-113Push those raw ends into the lacing and create a smooth end.Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-114Give it a few quick stitches.Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-115And now you’ve done it!Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-116Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-117Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-118Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-119Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-120Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-121Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-122Blue Sleeping Beauty - Finished-55Blue Sleeping Beauty - Finished-54

Thanks for looking and learning with me! ~ Bella Mae

Lacing Tutorial - Pinterest

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