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Self-Fabric Lacing – Tutorial: The Easy Way

Sometimes you just need that perfect touch of matching lacing! Personally, a laced up bodice isn’t my favorite.  I definitely prefer a smooth hidden closure.  But, if you’ve been asked to make one; your wish is my command! In order to achieve matching lacing, you’ll need to use the same fabric as what your matching it… Continue reading Self-Fabric Lacing – Tutorial: The Easy Way

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Circle Skirt Hems – Tips & Tricks

For some reason I decided to make a petticoat with all circle skirts…Why? I don’t know! They’re absolutely my least favorite thing to hem, and in general, to work with! You know, it makes sense when you think about the mathematics involved.  Even if it’s only a 1/8″ hem, the circumference is larger on the… Continue reading Circle Skirt Hems – Tips & Tricks