Inside My Cinderella Ball Gown Replica
Inside My Cinderella Ball Gown Replica

Inside My Cinderella Ball Gown Replica

As I promised, here are some “behind the sewing” photos!cinderella-359

Inside the Frilly Petticoat

My hard working Bernina hemming and ruffling all the frills!
Putting on the final layer of the 6-layered petticoat.

One of the frequently asked questions on this blog post is for this drawing of my petticoat construction….so here is it!




Details of the Bodice

The very, very inside of the bodice, complete with seams and boning casing.

IMG_9370The inside of the bodice after the finishing details  (lining, hooks/eyes, skirt brackets) have been sewn on.

IMG_9441This is what the bodice looks like without the finishing details of the butterflies.


Exploring of the Silk Skirt

Hand applying 8,000 crystals rhinestones.  This part definitely takes some patience & time!


IMG_5920 copy

“One Shoe Can Change Your Life.” ~ Cinderella

My reproduction of the famous glass slippers. The glass being replaced with spray paint, spray adhesive, and glitter! 😉


The Dress in Full!


Visit this post, and you’ll see more photos of the finished dress!


  1. laughoftensmilealways101

    Hi! My name is Jessica Flood, I was really interested in your petticoat for this gown. I was wondering if you do to order. I would be willing to purchase one, I already have a gown, just need something to give out volume and body.

      1. Dean

        Can I ask roughly how the petticoat was constructed? I know the basics from some tutorials online (especially from Joshua Hart) but it looks from the photo that there might be some ‘short’ layers?

  2. Holly

    hi, could you send that drawing to me too? i’ve been trying to make a dress with the same sort of petticoat as the cinderella dress and yours is the best i’ve ever seen short of the one in the film.

      1. Holly

        thanks very much 😀 also may i ask what dimensions/type of steel did you use for the hoop? im a bit worried about getting hooping too weak to support the petticoat.

        1. I used a mid-sized hoop and steel boning. As long as you use a good quality hoop skirt, you’ll be fine!
          One of my customers had to use 2 hoop skirts because one kept cloapsing, but that was just due to a cheaply made hoop skirt.

  3. JoAnn

    Will you make one for me and let me make payments until it’s paid for then you can start the dress or however you want to do it? Also do you make it with the the lace up back? I’m big around the middle.


    1. JoAnn Clemenson

      Please make me one of these dresses you can take your time as long as you want because I’ll have to make monthly payments.  PLEASE I BEG YOU TO MAKE ONE FOR ME.

      Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

          1. No, I do not offer a discount, but I do appreciate your service!
            Unfortunately, I cannot book years out. The farthest out I book a dress is 8 months. Once you have enough saved to pay within a 8 month time frame, contact me.

  4. Lela

    Not sure if you’ll see this, but I was wondering how much body the petticoat might have without a hoop. I don’t need something with a whole lotta sweep, but I love the layering and construction.

    1. I’m so sorry about my lack of response!
      The hoop makes up a lot of the fullness and then the petticoat creates the extra large silhouette. The petticoat adds about a total of 4 ft to the diameter of the skirt. Hope that helps!
      ~ Bella Mae

  5. Eduardo Aires

    Hello! My name is Eduardo Aires, I was really interested in your petticoat for this gown. I was wondering if you do to order. I would be willing to purchase one, I already have a gown, just need something to give out volume.

  6. Olivia

    Hi! I’m in the process of creating a Cinderella dress similar to your own and I was wondering if you have any tips on using a narrow rolled hem presser foot. I saw in the picture above that you used one and I just can’t get the hang of using mine. Thank you!

    1. Hmmm, I think my best advice would be to tightly hold the fabric, both at the back where it’s just been sewn and where its just going into the foot. This creates a nice tension that helps the fabric roll. Hope that helps a little!

  7. Catherine R. Fenhouse

    I have been trying to order your pattern pdf files for all the parts of the Cinderella gown. So far the site says my email is on file and won’t let me pay unless I log in. I don’t remember ordering from you before and it won’t let me reset the password when I try. It just sends me a news letter. I wanted to make this dress for my granddaughter’s quinceanera next year and really would like a pattern to follow. I figure I could wing it but it would cut out a bit of the guess work. If there is a step I’m missing when ordering please let me know. Thank you!

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