The Great Endeavor – Charity’s Traveling Outfit
The Great Endeavor – Charity’s Traveling Outfit

The Great Endeavor – Charity’s Traveling Outfit

– The Greatest Showman Costume Replicas –

Visit my last post for Costume #1 explanation (which is Charity’s Pink Dress)!

Costume #2: Traveling Outfit

I love this outfit! I would totally wear it in real life…well, if I were brave enough!


~ Velvet Vest ~

Unfortunately, I didn’t get very many photos during the process….but it is a fairly simple outfit, so I believe you can work it out!  I believe in you!

It was hard to find a perfect blue velvet for the vest, but eventually I found it here.

This is the draft.  I used a basic vest pattern for the basic block. Then (as you can see), I drew the vest design on the basic block.


In order for the buttons to match, I used covered buttons!


~ Satin Silk ~

Due to a budget (yes, I do have a budget for costumes…sometimes ??), I needed to find a synthetic satin for the skirt. I found the fabric here.

Believe it or not, this is the only picture I got of the skirt construction!

The hem is hand sewn!

For the skirt, I used a basic skirt pattern. The back of the skirt is 2, 1/3 circles. The front of the skirt is an exact 1/2 circle.

~ Pin-Tucked Blouse ~

This is me favorite part of the outfit! I had Cotton voile on hand, which was perfect for this blouse!  But…I didn’t get any progress photos! The finished photos will have to due!

~ All Finished ~

These wonderful photos are by Smile For Sophie Photography!


Should I really trust him to catch me as I fall BACKWARDS!


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Thanks for looking and learning with me!


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