Another Narnia Dress Recreation…
Another Narnia Dress Recreation…

Another Narnia Dress Recreation…

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A few years after my first 10-seconds-of-screen-time Narnia dress, I was commissioned to create Lucy’s coronation dress from the 10-second scene!  🙂 First Susan, now it’s Lucy’s turn!

If you don’t remember it…well, even if you just watched it yesterday, I’m not sure these dresses would be remembered.  That is, unless the beauty of them struck you like they did me!

Yes, it’s blurry…the focus is on Susan who I cropped out…remember, it’s Lucy’s turn! 🙂
This dress actually has a photo on a dress form! Yay!
A screenshot of during the 10 second scene.

First came the fabric choice.  And not only to pick the right color, but the customer and I had to decide which “dress” to replicate…you know, the real dress vs. the color-corrected-edited-movie version.

I made a quick collage of the fabrics I found and the two dresses.  This was the first step.
Next came swatches. Again, compared to the two dresses.


Swatch Comparison
Oh, and look at this! This is why you order swatches. Computer photos, vs the real deal.

To be honest, I actually don’t remember which fabric we ended up using…I could go look at my order info, but…I’m lazy! Haha!

• Progress Photos •
Making a draft is the first step!


Yup! I’m doing the embroidery {by-hand}.

I loved the process of ribbon embroidery.  It was my first time and once I got the hang of it, I could do it for hours!


∧ Look at this color difference. ∨   It’s really is the same fabric, I’m not lying!  IMG_3697IMG_3701IMG_3702IMG_3703IMG_3707IMG_3709IMG_3710

Doing the sleeve thing!

Yes, I’m taking those basting stitches out!


Attaching the skirt lining.
• The Finished Dress •


Thanks for looking and learning with me! ~ Bella Mae

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