Clara’s Toy Soldier Outfit – The Nutcracker and the Four Realms 2018 – Part 2: The Jacket
Clara’s Toy Soldier Outfit – The Nutcracker and the Four Realms 2018 – Part 2: The Jacket

Clara’s Toy Soldier Outfit – The Nutcracker and the Four Realms 2018 – Part 2: The Jacket


Here we are! Part two of Clara’s Toy Soldier Costume remake.  The original costume is worn by Mackenzie Foy in “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms”.

Here we go! Let’s go into the world of the four secret realms.

• Clara’s Velvet Jacket •

First came the draft.  This is a draft that turned out perfectly. Literally, it was a perfect fit, the first time. I drafted the pattern without hardly measuring.  It was one of those lazy moments.

Starting with a base sloper pattern, I adjusted the basic seams of the base pattern into princess seams.

Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-30

Since the movie is based in the Victorian era, I create the outfit to be worn with a corset.  Also, I believe Mackenzie Foy wore corsets throughout the entirety of the movie.

I created this Victorian era corset base on a pattern found in a book.  I hope to create ready-to-ship corsets (and other undergarments) in the near future. If you’re interested, contact me at bellamaesdesigns@gmail.comProgress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-36

For practicality, I decided to interline the jacket with the same red wool as the skirt.  You know, in case you want to wear this outfit during a frigid December night!  The outer fabric is a lush forest green velveteen.

On the inside, the seams are bound with bias cut silk dupioni.  Here’s a quick photo tutorial:
Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-37Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-38Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-39Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-40Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-41Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-42Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-43Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-44Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-45Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-46Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-48Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-49

Once all the seams were finished, I bound the bottom edge of the jacket to finish up the tidying!Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-50

This trim turned out to be the absolute perfect match to the original.Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-66Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-32Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-33

All of this trim is hand-sewn with metallic embroidery thread.Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-34Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-35Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-51

Along the whole process of making this outfit, I felt the Christmas Spirit! It was late October/early November, but I didn’t care. Christmas is so very wonderful, why not have more of it!Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-52Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-53

Time to make the collar!  In order to make a sturdy upstanding collar, I used several layers of fabric.  Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-54Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-55Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-56Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-58

All sewn in!Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-59Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-60Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-62Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-61

Scored these shiny gold on eBay for an amazing price!Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-65Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-75Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-78

In case you can’t tell, I was having way to much fun with my camera!  The camera picked up the shiny trim and buttons Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-83Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-87

Placing the hooks and eyes!Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-79Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-80Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-82

• Making the Epaulette •Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-89Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-90Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-91Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-92Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-93Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-94Progress Toy Soldier Nutcracker-95

Thanks for looking and learning with me! ~ Bella Mae


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  1. Riley

    I love the way this turned out. You did a great job! And I will have to quote you on “Christmas is so very wonderful, why not have more of if.” I feel the exact same way.
    Merry Christmas and happy sewing!

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