Disney Park’s Dress Replica – Alice In Wonderland Costume with Extra Embellishment
Disney Park’s Dress Replica – Alice In Wonderland Costume with Extra Embellishment

Disney Park’s Dress Replica – Alice In Wonderland Costume with Extra Embellishment

PinterestTa-da! It’s another version of an Alice dress!  Custom made, based off a certain Alice dress from the Disney Parks.

Look at the lovely Mikayla in her custom dress. Doesn’t she look perfect?! Follow her Disney journey @mikidisneyboundsMikayla 1Mikayla 2Mikayla 3

∨ The original costume. ∨


And now, some progress photos!

Progress Cartoon Alice-1
All my supplies, including some wonderful trim found during my LA fashion district shopping day!

Progress Cartoon Alice-2

• The Apron •
Progress Cartoon Alice-5

I just love my tailors chalk! Found here:

10 Pieces Pack Triangle Tailor’s Chalk Sewing Quilting Notions WHITE/YELLOW/RED/BLUE

Progress Cartoon Alice-7
Basting the two layers together.

Progress Cartoon Alice-8

Progress Cartoon Alice-10

Progress Cartoon Alice-11
Attaching the lace trim.  I found this lovely trim on Amazon…who would have thought?  To be honest, this is my favorite lace I’ve ever bought!

ELLA MAMA Crocheted Lace Trim DIY Craft Ribbon 1/2” x 10 yds, Scallop Edge

Progress Cartoon Alice-12
First, I sew it to one layer of the fabric.  I can sew a line at exactly the right place.  This gives me a nice line to follow when sewing the two pieces together.  It also eliminates the movement of the lace when it’s sandwiched between the fabrics.
Progress Cartoon Alice-13
Sandwiching the fabrics together.

Progress Cartoon Alice-14

Progress Cartoon Alice-15
Progress Cartoon Alice-16
Before turning, I gave the seams a quick pressing to help the stitches sink into the fabric.  I also notched the neckline.  A tip for you: alternate the notches on the two layers of the seam.  Doing this will eliminate any notches from showing through to the right side…ironing can make the notches make an imprint in the right side of the fabric.  When you alternate the notches with the two layers, you won’t get such an “empty” place to make a imprint.  Did that make sense?
Progress Cartoon Alice-17Progress Cartoon Alice-18
Progress Cartoon Alice-19
Yay! We’ve got a nice trimmed apron!
Progress Cartoon Alice-20
Progress Cartoon Alice-21
Bow pieces are cut, sewn, and turned!
• The Dress •

The dress has the same sheer overlay as the apron.  It’s adds a wonderful embellishment to the classic Alice look!

Progress Cartoon Alice-22
Again, be sure to play with your fabric to achieve the perfect layout.
Progress Cartoon Alice-24
Pinned and ready for basting!
Progress Cartoon Alice-26
Progress Cartoon Alice-27
Marking the darts…a new favorite technique.  I trace the edge of the dart with a running stitch (the is my sew line, I prefer to cut off my seam allowances on my patterns.)  I also do a running stitch straight up the center of the dart.  Last thing, do a tailors tack at the point!
Progress Cartoon Alice-28
Progress Cartoon Alice-29
I just love the look of a marked dart!
Progress Cartoon Alice-30Progress Cartoon Alice-31Progress Cartoon Alice-32Progress Cartoon Alice-34bast
Progress Cartoon Alice-35
For this large back dart, I slashed the dart so I could achieve a nice balanced dart.
Progress Cartoon Alice-36
I stopped cutting about 1″ away from the point.
Progress Cartoon Alice-37
Progress Cartoon Alice-38
Using a seam roll, I pressed the dart open.  The seam roll just entered my sewing studio and I absolutely love it!  No more worrying that I’ll press the wrong part of the fabric. I purchased mine here:
Progress Cartoon Alice-39
As you can see in this picture, the 1″ at the point is still pressed “open” but without cutting it.
Progress Cartoon Alice-40
One last pressing, this time on the right side.  Remember you pressing cloth!  I just made mine with some white silk organza I had it stock!  I like the fact that it’s sheer and I can see exactly what I’m doing.
Progress Cartoon Alice-42
The finished back darts.
Progress Cartoon Alice-43
Progress Cartoon Alice-45
Now onto the sleeves!
Progress Cartoon Alice-46
Progress Cartoon Alice-47
Catch-stitching the seams down.  A favorite stitch of mine!
Progress Cartoon Alice-48Progress Cartoon Alice-49
Progress Cartoon Alice-50
I added some ribbon to the inside of the sleeve to give the puff some support.
Progress Cartoon Alice-51
Progress Cartoon Alice-52
Now for the collar!
Progress Cartoon Alice-53
Progress Cartoon Alice-54
Again, be sure to alternate your notches.  I actually had three layers of fabric for this collar so I alternated two of the layers and for the third one, I pinked the edge to a 1/4″.
Progress Cartoon Alice-55
A detail shot of the three layers and how I alternated them.

For this Alice dress petticoat, I did all circle skirts.  In my last post, I shared my tips and tricks for circle skirt hems. Give it a read!

Progress Cartoon Alice-56
Hem time!  For the blue base layer, I did a 2′ hem. Since it’s a circle skirt, I placed small darts along the turned under fabric.  This eliminated the extra fullness of the turned under fabric.  As for the sheer outer layer, I pinked the edge to prevent fraying.
Progress Cartoon Alice-57
And now, I’ll attach the trim I found in LA!
Progress Cartoon Alice-58
I just placed the trim on the edge and did some hand stitching.
Progress Cartoon Alice-59
Next to last step; attaching the zipper.
Progress Cartoon Alice-60Progress Cartoon Alice-61
Progress Cartoon Alice-62
Zipper is in…Yay!
Progress Cartoon Alice-63
Of course, I’ve got to show the inside before it get’s covered up with the lining!  I just LOVE a neat inside!
Progress Cartoon Alice-64Progress Cartoon Alice-65Progress Cartoon Alice-67
• It’s Finished! •

Cartoon Alice-1Cartoon Alice-6Cartoon Alice-7Cartoon Alice-12Cartoon Alice-13Cartoon Alice-15Cartoon Alice-18Cartoon Alice-23Cartoon Alice-29Cartoon Alice-30Cartoon Alice-40Cartoon Alice-42Cartoon Alice-46

Cartoon Alice-50
Oh, yes! I made these cute bloomer to go with the costume!

Cartoon Alice-59

Cartoon Alice-53Cartoon Alice-54Cartoon Alice-57Cartoon Alice-61Cartoon Alice-62Cartoon Alice-64Cartoon Alice-68Cartoon Alice-70Cartoon Alice-71Cartoon Alice-77

Thanks for looking and learning with me! ~ Bella Mae


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