The “Perfect” Dress in the Makings
The “Perfect” Dress in the Makings

The “Perfect” Dress in the Makings


As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m starting the process of making the “perfect” Cinderella dress.  For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to make another remake of the Ball Gown. Although my original remake turned out great, it wasn’t quite what I expected.  I continued looking for the perfect fabric and eventually found it.  Since then I’ve discovered even more sewing secrets from the dress and have been planning to put all my new findings into a dress for me.  But my plans changed a week ago.

I got a surprise Etsy order….another Cinderella dress!  It was completely unexpected due to the fact that past buyers contacted me quite a few times before actually purchasing.

After getting over the surprise, I offered my replica corset and hoop skirt, though expecting a “no.”  But…. she said yes!

The hoop skirt used in the movie.
Front View
These photos are the only ones I could find of the corset used on set. And yes, this is NOT Lily James, but it’s her dance double, Flik Swan.


Next, I offered her dress upgrades, such as the fabric, handmade butterflies, and frills.  I was thrilled….she said she’d take them!

One of the close-up photos I have of the butterflies used on the dresses.
These are a few of my own handmade butterflies.  I think they came out pretty wonderful!

I now have a corset, hoop skirt, and dress (taking over 200 hours) to make within 2 months.  I’ll be busy, but I’m so excited!

Flik Swan (Lily James dance double) via Instagram (@sleektechnique)

Direct link to the process of making the “perfect” dress.

Flik Swan via Instagram (@sleektechnique)

During the process of making a dress, I must visit my Pinterest board devoted to Cinderella Ball Gown Research, not only for information, but just to browse.  Seeing the beautiful photos of the dress always encourages me to move forward and to get. it. done!

With that, I leave you with a few of my favorite photos of Cinderella!b256beadb450640c31e7cfc5d433183cIMG_090425f4a1ec560de141_Cinderella54de9bb90cd8b.jpgCINDERELLA dancecf4fabef47320663c0d155699a76617132d23378ddb05e70aa9d95daa6bfa06fIMG_0936 CINDERELLA


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