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New Year ~ Fresh Start ~ Dreams to Create

So far, the beginning of this year has been catching up on details that overflowed from 2018; emails & finances.  While those tasks may seem small, they’re not so pleasant when you’re sick and would rather sleep….yup, that’s right!  Since the start of the new year, I’ve had a bug that’s kept me on the… Continue reading New Year ~ Fresh Start ~ Dreams to Create

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Circle Skirt Hems – Tips & Tricks

For some reason I decided to make a petticoat with all circle skirts…Why? I don’t know! They’re absolutely my least favorite thing to hem, and in general, to work with! You know, it makes sense when you think about the mathematics involved.  Even if it’s only a 1/8″ hem, the circumference is larger on the… Continue reading Circle Skirt Hems – Tips & Tricks

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Another Narnia Dress Recreation…

A few years after my first 10-seconds-of-screen-time Narnia dress, I was commissioned to create Lucy’s coronation dress from the 10-second scene!  🙂 First Susan, now it’s Lucy’s turn! If you don’t remember it…well, even if you just watched it yesterday, I’m not sure these dresses would be remembered.  That is, unless the beauty of them struck… Continue reading Another Narnia Dress Recreation…

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Where it All Started – Living My Dream – Narnia Costume Replica

I was thirteen. I had a dream. That’s how it began.When watching the second The Chronicles of Narnia movie; Price Caspian, I fell in love with one of Susan’s many gowns.  I don’t know why, but the gown that started my dream had a screen time of about 10 seconds. This wasn’t only the beginning… Continue reading Where it All Started – Living My Dream – Narnia Costume Replica