New Year ~ Fresh Start ~ Dreams to Create
New Year ~ Fresh Start ~ Dreams to Create

New Year ~ Fresh Start ~ Dreams to Create

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So far, the beginning of this year has been catching up on details that overflowed from 2018; emails & finances.  While those tasks may seem small, they’re not so pleasant when you’re sick and would rather sleep….yup, that’s right!  Since the start of the new year, I’ve had a bug that’s kept me on the couch quite regularly.  What a way to start the new year! The best part of this predicament is a binge of “Downton Abbey” during the long evenings…

don't wake me

Enough about that.  Time to move on and turn some dreams into reality!

Frankly, I’m not sure if you, my dear reader, knows this about me, but I have a dream!

Don’t we all? 😉

Some of you may have thought this is my dream…and you’re right.

I am living my dream.

But, no one says you can only have one dream.  Sometimes dreams are a series of life experiences. It may start with one dream, but accomplishing that dream creates another dream, and another, and so forth.

Truly, I believe there’s more to life then accomplishing a dream and living it for the rest of your existence. Life changes. What are we saying when we choose to cling to a way of life, refusing to let those changes – change us?

Please don’t get me wrong! I am 100% grateful for where I’m at today. Just because I might want something more, doesn’t change that fact!  Through the process of achieving this success, I’ve made MISTAKES and LEARNED for some of them.  I’ve chased opportunities, while forgetting aspect of a life well lived.

While chasing my dream, I’ve cried tears, misplaced priorities, and learned oh so much! But, that’s what it’s all about! My dream has stretched and changed and will continue to do so. Life isn’t about the end result, it’s truly the paths in between.

life isn't (1)

All that to say, dreams are for chasing, but don’t get tunnel vision.  Along the way, learn to enjoy the view!  (I am totally speaking to myself in this regard!)

Now to get back the my original thought; I have a dream!

i have a dream

Currently, I have a popular sewing business where I recreate costumes. Costumes that have been designed and loved be many.  Remaking an outfit is incredible!

But my dream is to create the beginning of inspiration; to be the designer!

Where do I start? How do I begin?

These are the questions ringing in my ears.  I don’t have the answers yet, but often, there’s really no one true answer.  It varies for every situation. Sometimes, it’s opportunities that pop up and slowing lead the way.  I may have the start. Prayerfully, this opportunity will open up the doors to a whole new world!

P.S. I can’t say much about a possible exciting entrance into the design world, but if everything works out, you’ll be hearing about it!

my main goal (1)

Let me introduce you to some of my other tasks for the new year.  Some are commissions, some are costumes for advertising, and some are projects that just need to be finished!

First up, a commissioned Sleeping Beauty gown in lovely blues and white.

img_7617Above and Below: I mentioned this project on Instagram a few months ago. Currently it’s sitting on a shelve; cut, basted, and ready to be sewn.  Just needs some time to finish it up!img_7761

red courtAbove and Below: This was a commission in the works until it had to be canceled. The picture below is a quick mock-up I did with the supplies I have.  I hope to make the dress and sell it on my shop as a ready-to-ship garment.img_8428

ariel 3
An Ariel commission coming in May/June!
belle 2
A Disney Parks Belle also coming in May/June for a commission.
This is a project I’ve wanted to create since I first saw the movie…I have it all planned! Just needs some dedicated time!
This was draped nearing 4 years ago.  I haven’t done anything since then! It’ll probably end up “Downton Abbey” style, thanks to the binge watching. We shall see!
Phantom of the Opera, Masquerade! This has been on the “To-Do” list for YEARS.  Finally, I have the supplies (thanks to my L.A. trip last summer!) I’m so excited for this one!

Another project on the list is a 1860’s Day Dress.  Currently, I have a lovely tan cotton fabric with navy blue polka-dots.  Planning to have two bodices for this dress, I’ll be making a jacket type blouse in a lush navy blue velvet.

A velveteen fabric would be historically accurate, but not wanting to spend much on this jacket, I’ll be using some velvet from a past project.  It doesn’t look like a poly velvet and that’s good enough for me!

I might not get all these projects to the finish line.  There may be other’s that take they’re place.  Either way, I’m excited for this New Year and what it has in store!

Happy New Year’s everyone, and thank you for all the love and support last year!

~ Bella Mae



  1. Alicia Estelle

    I’m so excited to see the Cinderella maiden dress!! Will you be making the chemise corset and petticoat to go with it? What sort of cotton are you using? I would love to see the process ?

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment! Yes, I’ll be making the chemise, corset, and petticoat! I’m currently thinking of using a soft cotton voile. And yes, I’ll be doing my best to keep my blog updated with the progress. But I’m not sure yet when I’ll be getting around to making it!

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