1860’s Evening Attire – Civil War Era Ballgown – Finished Photos!
1860’s Evening Attire – Civil War Era Ballgown – Finished Photos!

1860’s Evening Attire – Civil War Era Ballgown – Finished Photos!

civil war era ballgown - pinterestNow’s the time to release ALL the wonderful photos of my 1860’s Ballgown!

My photographer, Smile for Sophie Photography, is an absolute wonder! Her work is truly spectacular. Don’t you agree?  Please give her a follow on Instagram or a like on Facebook!

Being a frigid day in November, I was extra grateful to have these wonderful locations for the photoshoot: The Ballroom on I Street and The Bonneville House

These first photos are taken at The Ballroom on I Street.  They were absolutely lovely to work with!


As you may know, photoshoots can be a bit hectic!  To start this one off, I was running extremely late which ended with me doing most of my make-up and completely doing my hair, in the car.  To top it all off, I was only partially dressed.  This was the plan since I didn’t want the dress to be wrinkled.  But since we were extremely late, the process of putting on this dress, in the car, became quite the hassle!  My photographer was quickly trying to lace the back of the bodice while I was attempting to give directions on how to lace it. Whew!

We’ll just leave it at; we were late.

I had two photoshoot locations planned for the day.  After showing up late to the first location, I knew I needed to show up on time for the second. Thus, a 15 minute shoot at the Ballroom @ I Street commenced!

bellasdresses2018-3These windows….all the heart eyes!bellasdresses2018-5bellasdresses2018-7bellasdresses2018-9bellasdresses2018-11BellasDresses2018-12.jpgbellasdresses2018-13bellasdresses2018-15bellasdresses2018-17We then traipsed outside… it was an absolutely stunning courtyard!  Unfortunately, the light was just too bright to capture the full beauty.  I would love to go back for another shoot on a cloudy day!
bellasdresses2018-19BellasDresses2018-22.jpgbellasdresses2018-23bellasdresses2018-25BellasDresses2018-28.jpgbellasdresses2018-29bellasdresses2018-31After an hour and a half drive, we arrived at The Bonneville House.

My, what a place! The interior is so very lovely, let alone the outside! At the bottom of this page you’ll find the exterior photos! <3

Mirrors!!! When we walked into this room, it was an absolute guarantee for some unique photos!bellasdresses2018-41bellasdresses2018-43bellasdresses2018-47bellasdresses2018-49bellasdresses2018-51bellasdresses2018-53bellasdresses2018-55And stairs….bellasdresses2018-59bellasdresses2018-61bellasdresses2018-67bellasdresses2018-69bellasdresses2018-71BellasDresses2018-74.jpgbellasdresses2018-73bellasdresses2018-75

Really not sure what I’m thinking…

The lighting in this upstairs room was incredible! Once we arrived in the room, we let out a little gasp of delight!  And then seeing the magic that Sophie captured…<3

bellasdresses2018-79bellasdresses2018-81bellasdresses2018-83bellasdresses2018-85bellasdresses2018-89bellasdresses2018-91bellasdresses2018-93Gotta capture the details! ∨
bellasdresses2018-97bellasdresses2018-101bellasdresses2018-103bellasdresses2018-105bellasdresses2018-109bellasdresses2018-111bellasdresses2018-113bellasdresses2018-115BellasDresses2018-116.jpgBack to the mirror room!bellasdresses2018-118bellasdresses2018-120bellasdresses2018-122bellasdresses2018-124bellasdresses2018-126BellasDresses2018-129.jpgTo finish it up, outside we went.  My what a beautiful setting!bellasdresses2018-130BellasDresses2018-133.jpgbellasdresses2018-132bellasdresses2018-134bellasdresses2018-136bellasdresses2018-138bellasdresses2018-140bellasdresses2018-142bellasdresses2018-144BellasDresses2018-147.jpgbellasdresses2018-148bellasdresses2018-150BellasDresses2018-151.jpgbellasdresses2018-154BellasDresses2018-153.jpgbellasdresses2018-156bellasdresses2018-158bellasdresses2018-160bellasdresses2018-162bellasdresses2018-164BellasDresses2018-165.jpg


Thanks for looking! ~ Bella Mae

Interested in the the process of making this dress? Click and visit my last post.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the ballgown in motion!

A custom version of this gown is for sale here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/664792189/1860s-historical-ballgown-victorian-era

Photoshoot Location One: The Ballroom at I Street

Photoshoot Location Two: The Bonneville House

Photographer: Smile For Sophie Photography

civil war era ballgown - pinterest


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