Convincing nor persuasion is the goal here. Perspective, is all that’s offered.

The plans for this video started just as the 2020 pandemic began. I just couldn’t get this idea of perspective out of my head…what must it have been like to endure the great war, just to have a pandemic, which killed millions, enter upon the scene.

Videography by Oliver Covey with Product Perspective

By watching, I hope you take a little perspective with you. ♡ Bella Mae


  1. What an awesome video, to speak hope into a time of struggle.
    Thank you so much for not joining the millions of negative messages filling the media.

    I have really enjoyed following your YouTube (I am another puffy dress/ history lover and home schooler) I came across it 2 months ago. (I was knitting a sweater ands watching your Q & A video) I really look up to you and find inspiration from your creations……. Actually I just started a YouTube channel of my own, its called Girl of a Different Era, (
    I don’t know if you want to check it out or not, I just thought it would be super neat…sorry for taking up your time.
    Thanks again for your positivity!

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