Turning Points With Acute Angles – Neat and Less than Square – Tutorial
Turning Points With Acute Angles – Neat and Less than Square – Tutorial

Turning Points With Acute Angles – Neat and Less than Square – Tutorial

Turning Points Tutorial - Pinterest

In my last blog post, posted 2 weeks ago, I promised a tutorial about turning perfect acute points.  I promised to post it last week…but guess what I did?!?!

I accidentally deleted all the content of the post (one which I had just finished writing and actually posted….then processed to edit…and that’s when it happened!) 😛

I considered writing it again that day, but it was late, I was tired, and decided it could wait! (BTW, I did try every way possible to restore a previous version of a post…nope, it decided to not keep this particular version!)

Here goes round two!

Example of points with acute angles: Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-30Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-29The first step is to clip the seam allowances to about an 1/8″.  BUT consider your fabric before trimming that close…you know the fabric you’re working with and you know its fraying ability!
Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-14Cut a a piece of thread (about 10″) and thread the needle.  You want the thread to be double, but no need to knot the ends.

Push the needle into the very tip of the point, just above the stitches.
Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-18Make a little stitch.
Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-19Pull the threads so that they’re even and then trim them to make them perfectly even (you’ll need to thread a needle with them.) Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-20Using an cross-stitch needle makes this step easier, both with the threading and what you’re about to do with it!Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-21Now here’s the tricky part, you need to slip the needle in between the seam allowances so that is comes out in the right side of the project.

You’ll know you’re doing it correctly when the needle isn’t going through any of fabric. It’s just slipping through the layers of fabric.Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-22Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-23Turn the project right side out and pull the needle. Be sure to hold the threads tightly, you don’t want the needle to unthread.
Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-24Gently pull the needle and thread until the point is all the way pulled out.Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-25Since you made a stitch in the fabric at the very tip of the point, you’re pulling that tip of the point all the way to the right side!Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-26Now remove the threads!
Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-27Give it a good pressing!Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-29Voilà! A perfectly turned point!Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-28Blue Sleeping Beauty - Progress-30I hope this tutorial was helpful and you’ll find a use for it in your future projects!

Thanks for looking and learning with me! ~ Bella MaeTurning Points Tutorial - Pinterest


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