Bella Mae's Designs


My daughter fell in love with the movie The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe film and was determined to be Susan for Halloween. We searched high and low for a costume and could not find anything ready made. I came across Isabella’s site on Etsy and, after showing my daughter the dress, we placed our order. We were very close to Halloween by that point and while sewing, Isabella assured me that she would have it ready on time. Isabella checked and double checked my daughter’s measurements to be sure that the dress would fit.

It arrived as promised – wrapped in brown paper packaging and twine from Cair Paravel and decorated with exotic Narnian stamps. The look on my daughter’s face was priceless. The dress was exquisitely detailed and beautiful and fit perfectly. The greatest testament to the quality of the dress is that it withstood a full day of Halloween’s activities – a 2 mile walk in a Halloween parade and a full night of trick or treating. Not a seam was torn, not a stitch came undone. This dress will be handed down to my daughter’s children – it is that beautiful and that well made. My experience with Isabella was one of a kind and I would recommend her and use her again for any custom clothing. Her craftsmanship is truly extraordinary!

Jennifer B.

Well, where to start. I saw this dress when there was only a image of the skirt as that was all she had made! I contacted her about the dress as I could already tell it was going to be perfect! She’s a lovely seller and was very responsive and talkative all the way through the process of making my dress sending me progress images and final images before shipping. It shipped to the UK all fine and was packaged really nicely and was in brilliant condition when it arrived!

The dress fits me perfectly and is actually more comfortable to wear than you might expect, the craftsmanship of the dress is outstanding and is made to a really high quality. It’s perfect and is just as photographed! I wear this dress to Comic-Cons and I all I get is lovely compliments off of people! Honestly you will feel like Cinderella herself in this dress!

Nikkie S.

I can’t thank you enough Bella! What you did was outstanding work for My Daughter sweet 15th Birthday. You are very detail oriented, honest and put much pride into your work ; ) this piece is something Amaya will treasure forever! God bless!

Not only did you customize my daughter’s dress but you also made a dress for her last doll. You left us speechless! I am still getting asked who Amaya’s designer is! Bella of course! My daughter already knows who will be designing her wedding dress(when she’s 35 ; ) YOU! Excellent work! Very trustworthy, detailed, and just AMAZING!

Raquel K.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience when having my first custom dress made! Isabella listened to what I wanted the dress to look like and made wonderfully helpful suggestions to make my initial sketch even better. She helped me make decisions on fabric to ensure the dress would fit my description and budget. When sewing the dress, she sent me pictures, asked for my opinion every step of the way, and answered all of my questions honestly, with clear, understandable explanations.

After receiving the dress, some slight alterations needed to be made, and Isabella was happy and willing to make them immediately. She altered it perfectly and had it back to me a week later. Working with Isabella was an absolute pleasure. She’s talented, and the quality of her work and attention to detail is stunning! I highly recommend her!

Shiromi R.

Thousand thanks for the nutcracker outfit!! It is so amazing, I have no words to say how magnificent it is. The outfit fits perfect!

It is exactly the same outfit as seen on the movie. In real life the costume is so much better as on the pics!!! My dreams came true!! I will order again soon!! I highly recommend this seamstress!!

Esther N.

I don’t even know where to begin! I knew Bella had to create my Alice dress after seeing the detail in her live action Beauty and the Beast replica dress. I am big on paying close attention to detail and knew once I saw that dress that she was the one that had to make it!

I was completely blown away when I received the dress! It’s beautifully made, comfortable, and over all just a stunning dress. She’s worth the money! I wore this dress to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland and received tons of compliments! People thought I was the “real” Alice and people loved the detail on my dress more than the version in the parks.

I will definitely be coming back to her for more dresses! Thank you Bella! You are amazing!

Mikayla S.