A Cinderella Quinceanera
A Cinderella Quinceanera

A Cinderella Quinceanera

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If you had asked me a few years ago what a Quinceanera was, I wouldn’t have had the faintest idea. But now I know a bit more, thanks to my Cinderella dress.

One of the professional photos of Amaya. Photo Credit: www.rickdavilaphotography.com

A Quinceanera is like a Sweet 16 celebration for the Hispanic culture, it’s a girl’s party when she turns 15 (or in some cases 14).  This celebration is a huge deal… I mean huge! It’s sometimes bigger than the girl’s future wedding!  To top it all off, the girl wear a fancy dress!

A girl named Amaya chose my dress for her special day!

Meet Amaya:IMG_9605IMG_9606

Even more special than making this dress for her, I got to meet her in person and attend her celebration!


Amaya’s Quinceanera was all Cinderella theme, from the cake all the way to a pumpkin carriage ice sculpture!


And I did have to do a few fixes during the evening (this is thanks to many dance practices)…

IMG_0874IMG_0891Oh, and forgot to mention; I also made a matching doll dress!IMG_0845A couple more photos by www.rickdavilaphotography.comIMG_1471IMG_1472

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